C63000 (AMS 4640)

C63000 (AMS 4640)

C63000 (AMS 4640) is the most commonly used grade of nickel aluminium bronze in America.  It was designed as an equivalent to the European nickel aluminium bronzes and has been developed to become an aerospace material under the AMS4640 specification.  It combines high strength with toughness and has an excellent resistance to wear, shock and abrasion.  Another significant benefit of this alloy is its ability to offer a high retention of its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

C63000 bronze alloy offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance with good strength and toughness.  The alloy has excellent resistance to shock, is spark resistant and retains its properties at cryogenic temperatures and has high corrosion resistance. Typical applications for the C63000 material includes marine fasteners, hardware and fittings and aerospace landing gear components.

C63000 (AMS 4640) Fasteners including Bolts, Nuts, Socket Capscrews, Washers, Studs, Studbolts, Socket Setscrews, Socket Countersunk Screws & machined components to all recognised standards drawings as well as customer drawings can be produced at Beacon Corporation Limited.

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