Inconel® 625

Inconel® 625 Fasteners (BS.3076 NA21 / UNS N06625 / ASTM B446 / 2.4856)

Inconel® Nickel-Chromium Alloy 625 is used for its high strength, excellent fabricability, and out-standing corrosion resistance.  Service temperatures range from cryogenic to 1800°F (982°C).  The properties of Alloy 625 that make it an excellent choice for sea-water applications are freedom from local attack (pitting and crevice corrosion), high corrosion-fatigue strength, high tensile strength, and resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking.  The outstanding and versatile corrosion resistance of Alloy 625 under a wide range of temperatures and pressures is a primary reason for its wide acceptance in the chemical processing field.

Additionally, Beacon Corporation is experienced in producing fasteners / bolting in accordance with ASTM F467/F468.  ASTM F467/F468 UNS N06625 represents grade specification for Alloy 625 Fasteners and Nuts.  It covers both course and fine threaded Alloy 625 Bolts, Screws, Studs and Nuts.

Inconel Fasteners including Bolts, Nuts, Socket Capscrews, Washers, Studs, Studbolts, Socket Setscrews, Socket Countersunk Screws & machined components to all recognised standards drawings as well as customer drawings can be produced at Beacon Corporation Limited.

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