Hiduron® 191

Hiduron® 191  (UNS C72420)

Hiduron® 191 is a medium-strength precipitation hardened cupronickel alloy, supplied in the hot worked condition.  It contains about 14.5% nickel and 4.5% manganese strengthened by additions of aluminium and iron, which may be refined by controlled small amounts of chromium.  Hiduron® 191 was developed to provide both the corrosion resistance and anti-fouling characteristics of conventional cupronickels but with superior tensile and toughness properties compared to aluminium bronzes. Its resistance to marine corrosion is comparable with that of conventional cupronickels, the combination of tensile strength and toughness is far superior to that available with aluminium bronzes and its properties are largely independent of section size. In addition, Hiduron® 191 has the relatively high modulus of elasticity of a cupronickel compared with most other bronzes.

Typical uses of Hiduron® 191 are in Naval and Ministry of Defence applications such as pump shafts, propeller shafts, sonar equipment.  Other industries include Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Subsea and Mining.

Hiduron® 191 Fasteners including Bolts, Nuts, Socket Capscrews, Washers, Studs, Studbolts, Socket Setscrews, Socket Countersunk Screws & machined components to all recognised standards drawings as well as customer drawings can be produced at Beacon Corporation Limited.

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